Lean Wine Makers

Developing the World’s Most Efficient Wineries, While Improving the Quality of the Wine

The Need

You make award winning wines. Your pride in your products is well deserved. You are the talk of the town and only the finest restaurants serve your wines – but at what cost?

Wineries are expensive. Capital equipment for crush, press, fermentation, storage, barrels rooms, blending, bottling facilities and finished goods take a huge toll on your bottom line. You hope for a good year in the vineyards, but worry you may not have the capacity to process this year’s harvest.

You have concerns about the consistency of the wine. Why does the 2004 vintage taste different from the last time you bottled it?

You are wine-making experts. We are experts in the design and operation of Lean wineries.

What you need is the science for making sound operational decisions. We at FlowVision provide this much-needed science.

The Approach

FlowVision is the only consulting group that provides a complete suite of Lean Services for wineries. We tailor our engagements to meet your needs and your budget.

A typical engagement begins with an on-site Business Assessment. FlowVision provides experienced consultants for a 2- to 4-day period, to analyze your winery’s needs. Upon completion of the assessment, we deliver a full report detailing all the benefits, costs, time frames, target areas and Lean Flow techniques associated with our proposed implementation. We generate a detailed return-on-investment analysis as a basis for your business justification of all future consulting work.

Our implementation activities begin with Lean Flow education.  These hands-on workshops enable your teams to become fully versed in capacity planning, winery design, Statistical Kanban™ strategies, formulas, implementation techniques and ongoing continuous improvement.

Implementation services include on-site and off-site access to FlowVision business consultants. We and your implementation team will create, manage and execute a detailed implementation program, to ensure an effective transfer of Lean Flow knowledge to your winery team.

As a management service, we offer you continual access to FlowVision consultants long after your Lean Flow implementation is complete. FlowVision will be with you through your entire journey of creating a truly LEAN winery.

The Benefits

A poorly-designed winery can damage a company’s reputation, balance sheet, and income statement, and compromise the quality of your wine. Conversely, a well-designed winery becomes a sustainable market advantage, enabling you to significantly outperform your competitors in customer service, quality and cost controls.

Just some of the benefits associated with a typical implementation include:

  • Reduction in floor space requirements
  • Finished good storage can be reduced by as much as 50% while simultaneously increasing order fill rate
  • Freed floor space can be used for future expansion, barrel rooms or selling serves to other wineries
  • Improved cash flow due to reduced dry-goods consumption
  • Improved cash flow as you bottle the “right” mix of products
  • In dry goods using Statistical Kanban™
  • Increased capacity for barrel storage
  • Increased efficiency in top and stir processes
  • Better understanding of winery capacity
  • Higher fill rates for distributors

The Costs

FlowVision provides scalable solutions for any size business. A typical investment made in Lean Flow solutions will provide a 4-to-1 to 10-to-1 payback within the first year of implementation. Our Business Assessment details all benefits and costs.

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Lean Wine Makers


“They [FlowVision] exceeded our expectations and achieved every goal. Winery floor space is better utilized, cash flow improved, inventories were lowered, all as FlowVision predicted. FlowVision helped optimize our wine-making capabilities, all while ensuring the quality of the wine was never compromised.”

Kevin Zollinger
Vice President, Wine growing
Wente Family Estates