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Before You Invest or After You Invest, FlowVision can Help Shape Your Business to Maximize Your Return

The Need

Before the deal is closed, there is a pressing need to quickly and economically improve your due diligence.  Tools need to be created to identify inefficiencies. Concrete data is needed to help reduce pre-money valuations.

Once the deal has closed, a reality sets in; most entrepreneurs are not operations experts. We are. There is a need to quickly lower costs and slash burn rates. In addition, increase revenue is needed. But how do you optimize customer service levels and fulfillment rates?

Private Equity groups and Venture Capital firms are experts in valuating companies; but how do you know if you are maximizing your return?

The Approach

We are experienced in helping investors evaluate prospects. 

FlowVision is different from other practitioners of lean manufacturing techniques.  We use proprietary mathematical algorithms derived from real implementations and validated by world class corporations. Our professional services begin with a business assessment that provides you with a detailed report identifying your target implementation area, associated benefits, educational requirements, timeframe, and resource requirements.

The Benefits

FlowVision is the perfect complement to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.  We have helped companies evaluate prospects and potential mergers, resulting in significant savings.

Get a quick return on investment with a rapid, proven, proprietary methodology that will transform your company’s operations and dramatically lower cost. FlowVision can help each company in your portfolio as well as improve your prospecting.

Critical Business Improvements

  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased inventory turns of 2-3 fold
  • Improve service levels to >95%
  • Workmanship related quality issues improved by 50%
  • Improved floor space utilization by greater than 25%

Cost Saving Reductions

  • Manufacturing lead-time reductions of 50 to 98%
  • Improved productivity through the elimination of waste
  • Facility-wide inventory reductions of up to 67%
  • Raw material inventory reductions of 50% or more
  • Work-in-Process reductions of 90% or more
  • Finished goods inventory reductions of 75% or more

The Costs

FlowVision provides scalable solutions for any size business. A typical investment made in FlowVision’s services will provide a 4-to-1 to 10-to-1 payback within the first year of implementation. Our Business Assessment details all costs and benefits.

Contact us

Contact FlowVision at +1.650.333.9299 or contact us to get started with a Business Assessment for your company.

Private Equity Groups


“FlowVision’s “Rapid-Lean” Implementation Services allow for quick return-on-invest and produces sustainable results.  Proprietary mathematical methodologies ensure world class results. Our private equity clients benefit from having FlowVision on their team to ensure their investment reaches its full potential.”

John Denzel
FlowVision, LLC